Looking for a Job in Interior Design in Malaysia?

If you possess interior design skills, then you can find plentiful job opportunities in the field in places such as Malaysia. Jobs of this type require that applicants conduct space planning and produce 3D drawings to presenting to clients. Therefore, applicants must be able to prepare perspective drawings and elevation and section drawings for fabrication and other purposes.

Prerequisites of the Job

Usually, candidates who apply for the job must possess prerequisites such as the following:

  • A professional certificate or diploma in interior design or architecture, or the equivalent
  • Proficiency in 3D Adobe Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, or MS office
  • Spoken fluency in Chinese
  • One to three years’ experience in interior design or a related field

In this type of design job, new graduates are often welcome to apply. Candidates should also be well-organised and able to work under tight deadlines. They must be willing to work in such locales as Wangsa, Maju, or Kuala Lumpur, and must provide their own transportation.

Designers Who Specialise

An interior design job in Malaysia may also include on-the-job training. Again, the designer must be willing to provide 3D designs or drawings. In some companies, the designer specialises in designing kitchens.

Software may be used that contains extensive design libraries. Even a trainee should possess about four years of working experience in the home design field. Workers in this type of assignment are paid with a commission and allowance. However, higher salaries are offered to designers with a higher level of design knowledge. Possessing knowledge of Chinese will also help get your foot in the door.

Business Designers

Designers who work for business clients in the design field should possess a professional certificate or diploma in art, creative multimedia, design, or the equivalent. Again, it pays to know such software programs as 3D max, AutoCAD, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator. Applicants should not only be innovative and creative, they should also display good communication abilities and a pleasant, business-like personality.

Designers who meet with business clients should be experienced in event and exhibition designs and be able to meet deadlines while working independently. During any given day, a business designer may meet with account managers or clients to discuss the requirements and business objectives for an office design project. Therefore, designers must be able to interpret a client’s business requirements and goals for a job. They should be able to estimate the time needed to complete the work, and must regularly provide quotes to clients.

Candidates need to think creatively in order to think up new concepts and ideas. They also need to prove their illustrative skills through the use of rough sketches. More advanced designers may work in jobs in the field of architecture. For this type of work, the candidate must possess software skills as well as attributes as detail-orientation, creativity, and good communication skills.

Whether you work as an interior designer or an architect in Malaysia, you will find that the job will provide you plenty of opportunities to hone and develop your interior design expertise, as well as your home or business decorating skills.