Novo IT Australia: Profile of an Industry Leader in the Field Of IT Infrastructure

Novo IT provides a wide range of consultancy and strategy service to clients in sectors as diverse as the aviation industry and the world of ‘edtech’ (i.e. educational technology) and educational platforms. Based in Australia, Novo IT is run and staffed by a team of IT experts who have won numerous awards, such as the top prize in the Cloud Tango Awards for Australian service providers and the National Enterprise Partner of 2014 award from Telstra.

IT Services Provided by Novo IT

Novo IT’s services range from cloud computing solutions to application development and sharepoint control. In short, they are able to provide a comprehensive IT infrastructure for any business. The company itself divides its services up into Consultancy Services, Strategy Services, Project Services, and Operations. Let’s look a little more closely at a couple of these, in order to give a flavor of the level of detailed technical support and development that Novo IT provides for its clients.

Case Study 1: Consultancy Services

When it comes to Consultancy, for instance, Novo IT’s range of services spans everything from an initial assessment of a company’s existing IT architecture to the implementation of a comprehensive plan for digital change. Novo IT can identify a company’s weak areas and formulate solutions for fixing them, get your whole IT system connected up to the Cloud so that you can work in a more fluid and dynamic way, and create a Document Management system for you so that you can classify, locate, and protect all of your documents with ease.

Case Study 2: Strategy Services

Strategy is another area of expertise which Novo IT provides to its clients. Its strategy services focus mainly on streamlining a business’s way of operating by promoting ‘Digital Leadership’. This means totally transforming the business’s digital side until that business is right at the forefront of digital trends. Think high tech solutions to everything from marketing to security. For Novo IT, digital leadership is all about creating and disseminating information in the best possible way, curating the company’s image in the public eye, and making everything about the company more efficient. Novo IT’s strategy service does not simply provide companies with a blueprint for digital success, it also helps companies to ensure that they have the right technology in place to fulfil this strategy. This is a gap that is affecting many businesses: a company can have the perfect idea for their digital leadership goals, but their outdated hardware and software make it difficult to turn that dream into reality.

Who Is Novo IT For?

There is no ‘average’ client of Novo IT. This company treats all of its clients as individuals and, as we have seen, its business relationships extend into numerous different sectors of the economy. Novo IT’s IT experts have worked with financial companies and educational professionals, fitness centers and leaders in the food industry. Novo IT’s target demographic is, quite simply, anybody who wants to become a digital leader in their field.